You have said that some guys don’t desire to attend your exhibit because there are penises. What do you think it is about looking at dick artwork that makes men uncomfortable? Do you think it is a manifestation of the male homophobia that is still embedded in our society / culture?
While I do have some straight male fans (assured kinds with a sense of humor), I find most straight men do get uncomfortable with the idea of looking at another man’s penis. Even if it is artwork.
I’d agree with you in saying it’s everything related to the male homophobia that exists in our society. I believe that is due to lack of exposure. If I had to pinpoint it, I think it began around the time people covered the statue of David’s penis with a fig leaf.
I find most straight men do get uneasy with the idea of looking at another guy’s dick.
There’s a very noticeable lack of full-frontal male nudity in the movies and pop culture, while female nudity is commonplace. You have said you impute this to the fact that “Guys are commanding the content and that is what [heterosexual] guys desire to see.” I believe this is an excellent point. Only a quick Internet search will bring up stats like, “Girls made up just 4.4% of managers in the top 100 box office films each year from 2002 to 2012,” according to a 2012 study by Sundance / Girls in Film.
That’s an interesting stat. I assumed this was the case once I made that remark about men commanding the content. I stand by my comment. Maybe if we had more women behind the scenes there would be more male nudity. Until then, let’s enjoy our Magic Mikes of the world and of course, Dictures. 🙂
Looking at the cock pictures, I ‘ve to wonderis it all the same penis? Or more than one got dressed up for a photo shoot?
There were 3 distinct versions. In the new show there are 4.
How did these models react to the notion of participating in this project? Did you ask friends or did you find models some other manner?
I would always talk about my endeavor in social circles. Female friends volunteered their boyfriends or husbands. They presented it as a present to him and he could not be happier to be a part of it. His dick was a star for a 3-4 hour period. Who wouldn’t want that? By the way, I only shoot couples. Models have to bring their significant other to the shoot. It makes things a lot simpler for everyone involved.
So the cock photos shoots are 3-4 hours long? And the penis needs to be erect to wear the clothes? Or how does that work?
Yes, a typical shoot is 3-4 hours. dresses the organ and I stand on a seat shooting the photographs. He does have to be erect to wear . I think that is what makes it funnier.

So in the photo shoot, I suppose the guy or his partner helps him get erect and then maintain the erection? Do the men have difficulty maintaining it? It’s got to be a little bit of work in their opinion!
Regardless of any man’s boner quality, it’s difficult to keep it through laughter. Laughter is the boner’s enemy.
It is also challenging to keep between costume changes. This is why I only shoot couples. The partner is there to help while I stand on a chair awaiting the best moment to shoot the graphic.
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