Every Wonder How Naturism and Naturism Began and Evolved?

Nudism Throughout History
A society’s attitude toward public nudity can show a fantastic deal about its culture, attitudes and sometimes its religious beliefs. Nudity is sometimes extended to all areas of life, while in other contexts it is confined to specific settings or tasks. For example, some societies condone nudity during athletic activities, while encouraging the wearing of clothing at other times.
The practice of habitually wearing clothes is a pretty recent creation in human history. Nonetheless, as people expanded into colder places, they quickly had to accommodate artificial covering, and as soon as they did that, in addition they began adopting customs to regulate what clothing should be worn, and when it should be worn. In distinct societies clothing or having less it has been viewed as being sexual in nature, as connoting social status or the lack of it, as signifying a certain spiritual or philosophical association, or as suggesting a specific economic place. Ancient texts from many cultures reference the poor and downtrodden as nude, and in a society with that attitude, someone who could afford clothing would definitely wear them to reveal that they are not poor and downtrodden. It is easy to understand how clothes quickly became more than a utilitarian body covering, and started to assume other social significance.
History of Naturism
In some ancient societies, the display of the nude body was linked to a particular religious philosophy. Delineations of Akehnaten and his queen, Nefertiti, show them wearing very little clothes whatsoever, basking in the holy light of the sun. While Akhenaten may happen to be the first of the pharaohs to attach a religious connotation to the practice of public nudity, he definitely did not invent the theory in Egyptian culture. Egyptian depictions from much earlier periods also show folks wearing no clothes, or garments that was form-fitting and even clear. The ancient Egyptians were fairly open about sexuality, and attached a strong sexual connotation to their near-nakedness. Artwork from ancient Egypt occasionally depicts sexual acts in quite explicit and even comical ways.
Some other early groups attached less of an erotic meaning to nakedness. In India, for example, particular religious sects required nudity as an indication of the renunciation of worldly possessions. Our knowledge of this comes from Greek historians of the time of Alexander the Great, who reported that there were several of these sects, the biggest of which was called the Ajivikas. The Greeks called these groups gymnosophists, from their word gymnos, meaning nude. The purpose to be stressed here is that this is a completely different significance for nudity than in the Egyptian culture. While the Egyptians were openly lusty and clearly took great joy in displaying their bodies, the Indian ascetics used nudity as an indication of giving up worldly pleasure and embracing a pure and holy disposition.
Michelangelo Statue of David
Nonetheless, nudity in ancient India was not strictly an ascetic matter, for the Hindu faith also comprehended the holiness of sexuality. A Hindu sect called the Sakas, who were booming about a thousand years ago, decorated their temples with explicitly erotic artwork. Sexuality was seen as a sacred thing, the procreative force of the divine. Such sexual sculpture can still be seen now at Indian sites for example Khajurako, Konarak and Ellora.
The Greeks had a convention of nudity that involved both a blunt admiration for the beauty of the human anatomy and a deep-seated spiritual doctrine. Greek deities are usually depicted as perfect physical specimens wearing few if any garments, and their mortal worshipers embraced the same fashion. Greek garments were straightforward pieces of cloth draped or wrapped around the human body instantly removed at a moment’s notice. If a individual in early Greece were working or playing hard, they might believe nothing of removing the garment. The Greeks were saying, “Our gods are beautiful, and since we look like the gods, we’re lovely, also.” In particular, it was anticipated that athletes would be nude when they participated in sports. Our word gymnasium comes from the Greek gymnos meaning nude, since the individuals who exercised there always were.
The Romans adopted much of the culture in their Greek predecessors, but in Roman society nudity was firmly confined to certain settings and actions. Romans were expected to wear clothing in most public places, but nudity was condoned as well as expected in athletic activities, in the public bathrooms and at public latrines. The acceptance of nudity in sport, and particularly in gladiatorial competitions, was likely a practice inherited in the Etruscans, another cultural predecessor of the Romans. Etruscan sculpture even depicts gladiators fighting completely nude.
http://voy-zone.com/topic/boy-beach-nude-teen.php that relegates nudity to particular places and times is that of Japan. While Japanese culture permits the honest discussion of lusty matters, as well as the teaching of sexual techniques to prospective newlyweds, nakedness is typically frowned upon. The unclothed human body isn’t considered a fitting subject for art, as well as paintings of lovers in bed reveal them completely clothed. Nevertheless, Japanese culture also makes allowance for group washing, generally by big family groups. Until the 20th century, such communal bath was a regular part of daily life for many Japanese, as well as now it’s still practiced in some out of the way spots.
All of these cultures strongly deterred nudity in other public settings.
Here the covering of the body was considered a prerequisite of humanity. Other ethnic groups who did not cover their bodies were considered subhuman, and a strong sense of physical modesty was taken as evidence of the superiority of Chinese culture. Girls weren’t even allowed to uncover their bodies for their physicians, and had to point out their aches and pains on dolls specially made for the purpose.
Paganism, both in its ancient and modern types, makes use of rite nakedness which will be generally confined to specific locations and occasions. Those who adhered to Wicca or another early religions would sometimes dance nude, or “sky-clad” during seasonal rites. Among people who hold such beliefs now, the practice is sometimes still carried on. In these contexts, nakedness is seen as a state of naturalness which makes the worshiper more receptive to naturist boy fkk . As in other societies, nudity is closely linked to both religious belief and sexual abandon, which are not seen as being opposed to each other.


A Rant About the State of NonsexualSocial Nudity, Body Disgrace & American Society

What’s the sate of NonsexualSocial Nudity in America Now?
The State of NonsexualSocial Nudity – Recently, I’ve been perusing the Internet. I desired to get a feel regarding how society in general feels towards non sexual nudity and the naturist society as a whole. While seemingly you’ll find many advocates for non sexual social nudity (given it is done in a respectable manner and appropriate place), it seems like there are twice as many that condemn the idea. The search results also contained quite a number of posts by people that cope with city, state and other government officials in addition to a bunch of dating sites. I began to question, what has created this kind of widespread interest in sexual nudity? Could it have been our breeding, social standards or maybe it’s part of our genetic make-up? Why could it be that straightforward nudity seems to ALWAYS be considered indecent and inherently sexual in our society now?
Surely, I am not the only person who has found this. But as I continued to research, I found that, at least here in America, we now have been “brainwashed to feel, think and market the natural state of undress as a bad / lewd thing. Historically we didn’t have clothing – aside in the furs worn to protect us from the elements. Until Asia devised loom technology over six thousand years past, we didn’t even understand what clothes were. The early European settlers “taught” us that nudity was socially unacceptable in the Americas. The fact that the Natives had lived this way for a millennia, and even longer, did not appear to make a difference. If anything, it might have done harm as they were perceived to be primitive people.
In all honesty, our heritage is that of nudity. The Greeks historically lived naked and adopted social nudity for centuries – using minimalist clothes as an indication of social status. In family naked beach portrayed the unclothed body in artistic paintings, sculptures and participated in many occasions (for example wrestling and mock conflicts) without a stitch of material. They were the forefathers that invented the Olympic Games – subsequently performed them in the nude. Due to dearth of evidence to the contrary, the religions of the world thousands of years ago started the repression of nudity. Regrettably, it has continued to today.
“Accept or Reject” by Yu Chang
Many questions have been running through my head as of late. I keep wondering why society frowns on people who encourage complete body approval. Another question that goes hand in hand would be why we allow it to continue? Is it not our constitutional right to express ourselves the way we desire? How could nudity be considered sexual when nudists and naturist communities present clear evidence to the contrary? Are folks that embarrassed of the bodies that they want make up reasons to conceal them? Why am I not unclothed right now? And finally (for now), what can we do to alter the societal perspective and by this, create and grow the basic and fundamental understanding and acceptance of the nude human body?
Sadly, it seems like we as a society, are set in “our” ways and unless something or someone moves to dramatically alter that way of thinking, we are going to only continue to make minuscule steps toward an general acceptance of nonsexual social nudity. With the laws slowly transforming in some places for the better and in others for the worse, it appears like we might be treading water. Having said that, those regions where we are making progress offer us a glimmer of hope for the future of our cherished unclothed ways. But for those of us living in places for example Kansas City, Denver, Minneapolis along with other areas of the Midwest, I fear we may never experience such independence. At least not in my lifetime, which makes me wonder if things would be different if we’d sink in more time and money to encourage and attract more tourism from other states. It would be amazing had we had an organization that would dedicate itself to encouraging not only in the USA but abroad as well. Seemingly, the places with the most tourism, like Croatia, additionally have the smaller amount of restraints put on naturists.
While areas for example Kansas City / Missouri and Kansas don’t always condemn naturists or our way of life, they do have laws preventing public nudity. Thus, the feeling is that some residents here don’t necessarily enjoy the idea of such. The reason they give is that it is obscene because it depicts a woman baring her breasts and only partially clothed while taking a photo of herself (imitating the new naked selfies phenomena). Mercifully, a grand jury determined the statue is just not obscene and is considered artwork.
It shames me to say that the American society which claims to be accepting of anyone and everyone is, in fact, anything but. I feel that society, as a whole, make people ashamed of themselves. Consequently, the ashamed fight against what we as naturists try to conquer. Who is to say that a woman is just not attractive simply because she’s bigger in relation to the malnourished girl on a billboard? Who determined a guy is not amazing because he has body hair and a beer gut and never the toned, hairless body of the model on TV? Why could it be that most people are blind to the true beauty of a person?
When American society begins to see the true beauty of someone, perhaps they’re going to see exactly the same things we do and accept the natural beauty that’s http://nudismsite.com/tube/wander-into-a-nudist-crowd/ . Until then, I imagine we’ll continue to visit our individual nudist allocated areas, live in the buff behind closed doors and hope that we will someday come together as a whole and reverse the shame that has been inflicted on us so many years ago.
This Naturist Rant About The State of Nonsexual Social Nudity Was Released by -Young Naturists and Naturists America

Nude in NYC Definitely!! (Sorta) – Becoming Naked in New York!

Naked house party and other Bare in NYC fun occasions by our NYC Naturist – Felicity Jones
Naked in NYC – It’s an appealing thing to be a New York City, NYC nudist. Here you are in the ‘anything can occur at any time’ epicenter of the world. People from all walks of life mingle at street fairs, encompassed by the sounds and smells from nearly countless cultures around the world. Unless of course it is for personal gain, “adulterous” relationships or in the privacy of our dwellings.
But when searching for a social setting in which to hang out the way I’m most comfortable – sans clothes (naked), I’ve come up virtually empty.
Besides the previously semiannual Clothing Optional Dinners (which have gone on hiatus because of the quantity of work, cost and trouble for beach xxx girl in public image , which I totally understand), Naked Yoga NYC, there was simply Gunnison beach and lighthouse playa on Long Island. I have been to both many times, but even they demand a day off from work, leaving at the crack of dawn, fighting traffic and hoping for a parking spot! Once you are on the strand it is fantastic, but what will happen if you’re going alone or worse, imagine if you desire to be alone but are constantly harassed by gawkers / peepers / pokers?
Our New York City Nudist – Felicity Jones, is Naked in NYC
Naturism in New York, or the bare NYC scene is one still very much underground.
So in this town of excessive where does one go to discard the excess clothing, the labels and styles that define us on the footpath? I hope to get off my duff and investigate some of the hidden and not hidden opportunities for relaxation, socialization and exercise in NYC!
Up to now I have attended the subsequent Nude in NYC Events:
Clothing Optional Dinners
Bare Party
Naked Yoga (appears I’m not very good at it!)
Nude house party in Brooklyn New York (bash and hosts were wonderful!)
Stay tuned for updates about Naked NYC events as often as I ‘m capable!
I would love any suggestions or stories regarding the matter which you wish to share!
This Nude in NYC site was written by our NYC Nudist – Felicity Jones and released by – Young Naturists and Young Nudists America FKK
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Naked Party At The House Of Yes In Williamsburg Brooklyn

House Of Yes Naked Party – Well us and some of our naturist friends attended!
In any case, the House of Yes is an art space used for various functions from Skybox airborne training to other artsy courses and events, and I believe they will also be known because of their outrageous parties. As they state, the premise of the event was to compensate for a fashion show they hosted promoting the Nutria fur that comes from those little creatures destroying the wetlands. The hostess told us it was their first unclothed party Maybe a bit unplanned! Here’s what they just wrote about it:
Naked Party At The House Of Yes
“Basically, House of Yes has learned a few lessons before few weeks. We learned that if you host a naked party as an inside joke, people will still show up and you still need to get naked so that you just don’t look like an asshole. We also learned that Nude Dance Parties are seriously enjoyable!”
Little did they know, nudistswill appear to any naked party they find. Anyway I have to say the entire thing was actually fun! From the outside the place is concealed on a block among questionable-looking warehouses. But once we got inside it was a large space that had a cozy pub area with plush seating. The dance floor behind it contained a trapeze ring hung high above, used for an impressive naked aerial display during the party. Great DJ and drinks.
More ladies present would happen to be fine, but men outnumbering girls would be to be expected in http://www.nudistclip.com , particularly when it’s random folks showing up. They did, however, have a huge group of friendly young folks who really appeared to enjoy hanging out and dancing nude! Perhaps we’ll find some of them at our Bare Years Eve.
So, it was a cool venue, and they created the hip, young and modern naked scene in NYC that we like! http://www.nudist-video.com expect they’ll think about hosting another nude party at some point.
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Perhaps no on-line platform better mimics the losing-trousers-in-public experience than Chat Roulette. This clip chat service allows users to get in touch with random folks all around the globe via webcam. The trouble is many people found they were connecting with random members all over the world. A website like this offers immediate gratification to an exhibitionist as they can instantaneously see the audience’s reaction.

In Ogas and Gaddam’s publication A Billion Wicked Ideas, they mention one blogger’s study done on Chat Roulette.
The Research and Psychology behind the action of Exhibitionism:
Exhibitionism falls under the category of the paraphilia (also called sexual perversion and sexual deviation). The term paraphilia refers to mental disorders categorized by extreme sexual urges, obsession with odd sexual practices or sexual acts involving objects or inappropriate partners like kids. Many exhibitionists are found to have an uncommonly high sexual drive.
So far as research proceeds, little is understood about the preponderance of exhibitionism or what causes it. One Swedish study of 2,450 areas ranging in ages 18 to 60 found that 3.1% of people reported having experienced arousal by showing their genitals to a stranger. (4.1% of those were male, 2.1% female.)
However, the Internet would imply it is a lot more common than that.
“Historically, male exhibitionism was considered a mental disorder. If that’s true, the Internet implies we’re a planet of mentally deranged men.”
The field of psychology presents a few different theories regarding what can cause exhibitionist tendencies. Some suggested causes are psychological or sexual abuse in childhood, head trauma, papa rejection (for guys) and amounts of testosterone in the entire body. But these are only theories with no definitive research.
If Ogas and Gaddam’s research is http://x-nudists.com to go by, exhibitionism is simply an impulse left over from our primate ancestors.
No matter the causes or how common it actually is, those that have this urge should find an outlet in http://kazyz.com , consensual forms of sexual expression.
Sending unsolicited cock pics (or sexual / pornographic pictures) online is a terrible type of harassment too.
With off-line behaviors especially, issues do appear when exhibitionism is long-term and interferes with daily life. When a person is driven to constantly act on their exposing customs, it may lead to isolation from friends, family and termination of employment.
If somebody continuously exposes themselves in public, they are going to normally get detained at some point. Once they’re caught by police, exhibitionists will normally get checked in for treatment.
Psychotherapy approaches get utilized too. Family therapy, group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy have all proven to be helpful for those coping with exhibitionism.
The Definition of Exhibitionists and how they differ from merely Naked Naturists
As most naturists will tell you, society at large has many misconceptions regarding naturism and naturism. Because nudity, and consequently, naturism, is viewed as sexual, dirty and shameful, naturists can be wrongfully persecuted as sexual deviants and labeled exhibitionists.
An article in Psychology Today even states that naked beaches encourage exhibitionism. This is not true! While individuals, and therefore nudists, are sexual beings, the philosophy behind naturism is that it be non-sexually motivated.
Strangely, there are numerous naturists who openly call themselves exhibitionists. This is like pairing nudism with a sexual preference, and it is perpetuating the myth that naturism is about sex. Even if they just mean to say they like to be seen naked at the unclothed beach, “exhibitionist” has particular connotations and these terms must not be used collectively.
Naturism is, in its heart, a personal experience. Though it can and often times happens in a social setting, the action itself shouldn’t be focused on somebody else. The difference between nudism and exhibitionism is the intent as well as how, where and when it’s practiced.
Exhibitionists Vs. Naturists
Going by the DSM definition, nudists tend not to pressure their nakedness on others while exhibitionists do. Exhibitionists will seek out others to allow them to be seen while nudists do not. Naturists will find the appropriate location and time to practice nudism and frequently they will go to far out and secluded destinations in order that they do not offend or bother others.

Competitive or threatening situations. 31 Freud wrote that several persons

reported that they experience the first signs of delight within their genitals
during fighting or wrestling with playmates. Erections of human dick are
frequently in association with aggressive or fearful dream situations. It’s been
emphasized that organ-exhibition can have a purely competitive function, and that the
contraction of the muscular tissue of the human member, causing the erection,
may occur without sexual arousal, as an expression of aggression. 32
Many scholars point out that the erect penis may symbolize dominance and
power. Bronze Age people of Scandinavia and northern Italy equated phallic
power with the power of the spear, the sword and the axe as is apparent from their
petroglyphs. Other military things, notably clubs, can take analogous
phallic symbolism. The club of Legba, the phallic god of African Dahomey,
was many times carved as a phallus and was regarded as an attacking weapon.33
The giant prehistoric body cut in the chalk downs near Cerne Abbas in England
34 Supernatural power is often
29. Wolfgang Wickler, “Socio-Sexual Signals,” in Morris, PrimaleEthology, pp. 1 I I, 116; Burkert, Construction
and History. p. 45 (quotation); H. Detley et al., “Studies in Social and Sexual Behaviour of the Squirrel Monkey
(Saimiri Scireus),” Folia Primarologica I (1963): 49, 62.
30. H. Hooton, “The Value of Primate Studies in Anthropology,” Human Biology 26 (1954): 179-88.
31. Wickler, “Socio-Sexual Signals,” p. 128. Paul D. MacLean, “Fresh Findings Relevant to http://picsnudism.com of
Psycho Sexual Functions of the Brain,”Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 135 (1962): 296 wrote: “One sees
combative behaviour even in the nursing babe, that will angrily fight the breast if no milk is approaching, and at
the same time develop penile erections.”
32. S. Freud, Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex. Trans. by A. A. Brill (Awesome York, 1948). p. 68; Ernest
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1970). p. 209; Vanggaard. Phallos, p. 74.
33. Vanggaard, Phallos. p. 14; A. B. Ellis, Ewe-Speakin,g Individuals, pp. 41-42. Additionally see E.R.E.. S.V.
34. Rawsom, Primitive Eroric Art. p. 73. The notion the phallus symbolizes power is still common among
some primitive tribes. In British New Guinea when the harpoon maker selects a. tree which appears fit for the
be straight, powerful and perfect (See Landman, Kiwai Papuans of British New Guinea, p. 120).


Journal of Sport History, Vol. 12, No. 3 (Winter, 1985)

conceptualized by the Apaches as phallic in origin. In addition the Apaches
equate arrow and phallus within their everyday conversation. 35
There exists a big phallus symbolism that according to some authorities
even includes sceptre, http://x-public.com , etc.
depicted in the temple at Karnak with a very big erect phallus3(j Osiris, the
protector of Egypt, was represented on statuary with the phallus exposed and
erect. The exaggerated sexual organs of the early Roman, Greek and Egyptian
phallic deities are in agreement with the importance attached to sexual virility
and power. The Greek herms shared a message of power and protection.
Even the herms that Hipparchos, son of Pisistratos set up in 530 B.C. between
the village and market place, “while showing moral epigrams, marked the
Land of the tyrant.” In early Scandinavia the statue of god Frey or Frico
was equipped with a large phallus.
There’s a wooden image of a phallic god from the Celtic Iron Age.37
The phallic sign was also a gesture against the evil eye and disease. In some
cases the exhibit of the phallus as a means of combating the effects of the evil
little doubt that among some cultures, and on special occasions nudity is
practiced with this specific object in view. 38 Amulets of phallic nature were, and
Ailment and the protection from death in battle, evil spirits, evil eye and other
Unnatural calamities. They have been made and worn all over Europe, as well
as in India, China and Japan as supernatural energizers.39
35. pp. 223-25.
36. Wickler, “Socio-Sexual Signals,” 129-3 I, f. 17.
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Naturist Party – Naked Years Eve Bash Brings Good Tidings and Great Delight from Coast to Coast

Fkk Awesome Years Eve Party!
Nudist Party –
Going on its second annual holiday party, FKK decided to fulfill its preceding Awesome Year’s resolution by working together with Ranger World, a fkk group dedicated to helping sustain the true basics of nudism, along with an online capital platform called the Bare Naked Bake Sale (BNakedB) designed to “help people bare all (or some) and create provocative picture efforts that raises money for their cause or project.” Other than throwing some off the wall bashes, FKK plans to collect enough money in raffle drawings and auctions to rebuild a women’s shelter in the Fresh York suburbs.
Bare Years Eve Bash
This Awesome Years event happens at a secret place in Keansburg, NJ region, beginning at 8pm. Even while this is a private naked party, it’s open to people at a enrollment entry fee of $40 per person.
To ensure that all drivers drink responsibly a shuttle also known as a “Nudie Bus” will be pre arranged to transport party goers to and from the celebration. The Bus will leave from the Downtown Manhattan area at 7:30 pm, from a central hub place near all train and bus transportation system and will return back to the same place. The exact location and time will only be released to purchased ticket holders of this private party at the sales cost of $10.00/ticket round trip.
This is merely the beginning of the New Years night.
In collaboration with BNakedB, The Bare Times Fresh Years Launch Party is holding a different charity raffle drawing with local prizes to naturist resorts and other sponsored winnings following nudism free pic family stand up comedy show with professional comedian Tim Chizmar and many more special guest comics.
The show and raffle is taking place between 7-9pm with web streaming LIVE up until midnight. Never before in history has web footage in this way ever escaped the walls of a private nudist resort that totally depicts the natural life until now.
Entry to the Naked Times Awesome Years Launch Bash is discounted at $10.00 per person/day.
For additional news on either of these events, visit Nudist Portal’s web site.
Fkk Portal’s Awesome Years Raffle Ticket Event Sponsors:
The Terra Cotta Inn is named a favorite couples escape by Los Angeles Magazine. One of the top four resorts in Palm Springs by ABC TV San Diego and one of the top spots on the planet to go naked sunbathing by the Vancouver Sun newspaper in Canada. In March 2007, AOL.com reported on “The World’s Finest Clothing-Optional Resorts The Terra Cotta Inn is young nudists pics in the world.
Isis Phoenix is a Sensuous Shaman, Ceremonial Priestess and co-originator of Naked Church. Her work and offerings are a unique combination of nature established wisdom woven from her background in Tantra, Yoga and Shamanism. Isis has a private Sensual Shamanic healing and ceremonial practice in New York that supports individuals and groups around locating empowerment through celebration of the holy body and animal spirit. She is currently writing a book Asana Exposed a photographic essay celebrating the unique stories and landscapes of the body and spirit in the practice of naked yoga. Isis and her courses have been featured in Metromix, Timeout, Jane magazine, NY Post, Tantra Cafe, NY Spirit, CBS, Fox News, BBC, Elle Magazine, Vogue and Cosmopolitan.
Beth Nolan is an established Health Kinesiologist, Massage Therapist, Dowser and Hatha and Tantra or naked Yoga Instructor. She offers group classes as well as private yoga sessions in the Northern NJ area.
Cindee’s personal and professional path through the practice of Naked Spirit Yoga is clear to its support for our purest link to ourselves and with nature. It really is an individual, along with a collective journey with benefits that include bringing students to their potential and allow an awakening of the spirit through breath, movement and arbitration.
Thank you JP and the Action Naturally film team for their continuing love and support ~ Nudist Portal
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In the seventies, nudity on Bali’s distant and abandoned shores was common but with the immense growth of tourism, these shores have disappeared. In 2002 nudity was declared illegal on Petitenget Beach, the last plage in Seminyak that born discreet nudity.


Although there are no laws governing nudism, individuals may be detained, arrested and fined for public nudity. However, many Hindu male sages practice nudism and they are not legally detained. Fkk sages can be seen in Pashupatinath.[citation needed]

Nudism has been successfully introduced in Pattaya (Chan Resort and more lately La Sala Villa), and several other small-scale fkk resorts have been created throughout Thailand. A gay hotel and sauna (Sansuk Hotel) situated in Pattaya now additionally authorizes nudity in and around the swimming pool.[61]
Dilemmas in social nudity
Main article: Problems in social nudity

Nudism addresses, challenges and explores a multitude of occasionally taboo issues: stereotypes and mores concerning the bare look of the human body, mixed sex nudity, personal space, human sexuality, gymnophobia, modesty, physical attractiveness, conceit, objectification, exploitation and consent. It can consequently be contentious. Descamps assembled a list of criticisms of nudism: it’s too cold; normal bodies appear ugly—it is merely for the physically beautiful; it’s too embarrassing; it is against the laws of nature, against the law, or against religion; “nudism makes me think of sex”; it is for primitive people or creatures.[8]

Naturism can sometimes feature granny nudists of eroticism, although the debate about this is often simplified and seen negatively in the media and the public head and by many modern naturists and naturist organisations. Historically the encounter and discussion of lusty feelings during naturist activities including dance and gymnastics played an important part in early Germanic naturism and formed part of its ‘favorable’ link with nature. Yet, it was when nudism arrived in the more sexually conservative cultures of the united kingdom and the United States the manifestation and discussion of eroticism within nudism became frowned upon.[3]

the primary reason younger folks are not becoming naturists is the inability of nude swim to engage with the issue of sexuality. While it really is true that “nudism became popular in Germany…as a healthy outdoor lifestyle”, this lifestyle also included a recognition that, socially, nudity could sometimes be sexual.

This statement is in response to the quote “The world of nudism is in trouble. Membership is dropping, and fewer young people than ever are becoming involved. Has the great bare venture run its course? “[62]

Smith and King pose the following points in their 2009 peer reviewed paper Nudism and Sexuality:broadening our approach to sexual wellbeing [3]

The relationship between nudism and sexuality is managed through social and spatial segregation. In commercial naturist resorts eroticism and sexuality is commanded by applying heteronormative values and strict rules and policing. In other environments eroticism is moderated through self censorship of actions and behaviour. This can make the practice of naturism an isolating, repressive and apprehensive experience instead of a liberating and social one.
Mainstream naturism relies on discriminatory and dishonest practices to manage sexuality that limits the diversity of the naturist people and presents an image and culture that lacks integrity and transparency.
Mainstream naturism limits sexual feelings to physical arousal and sexual exploration to deviancy while encouraging a penetrative understanding of sexual behaviour. This may limit the educative potential of nudity in expanding our experience and comprehension of sexual feelings beyond the genitals.
Naturist environments can offer unique public spaces to explore sexual feelings and experiences that will be repressed or limited in normal public spaces and sexual relationships.
Mainstream nudism may pathologise those who love the eroticism of nudity. An asexual discourse can leave individuals who experience nudity as lusty feeling uneasy, guilty, defensive and marginalised within the naturist community, in exactly the same way that popular culture often pathologises and marginalises naturists.
Mainstream nudism may lead to conscious and unconscious repression of sexual feelings and behavior that restricts the relationship between naturism and nature.

However, there’s one problem I Have discovered with some of those galleries – they cover up the naked bodies. Either the folks are wearing bras and panties or placed a particular manner or the models actually cover specific parts with their arms or hands.

So, let us examine this phenomenon. Someone creates some images of all different bodies with http://troyxxx.com/tube/im-nathalie-and-my-first-ever-time-going-really-nude/ of eradicating body pity and negative body image. As if to say that bodies are good, beautiful, perfect, blah blah blah. BUT if that’s the case then why are particular body parts censored Are those parts awful? Should we still feel ashamed of those body parts? I am sure you are able to figure which parts I speak of: women’s nipples, breasts, genitals and behinds.
This begs the question – WHY? Why do they do this? I set out to try and understand the reasons behind the censorship problems! I reached out to two women who had created such galleries so I could attempt to understand their reasoning.
One gallery featured “typical” bodies and another focused on moms who had given birth. These are the replies I got.
Mom body image gallery:
1.we’ve chosen not to do any total adult nudes with this project because we wanted it to be clear but accessible to the mainstream.
“Typical” bodies gallery:
2.No disgrace here! It was so it could spread on Facebook PG 13 style!
Not great responses, I know. Let’s skip over the PG-13 component for now and talk about Facebook. I understand how we all want to share everything on Facebook, but seriously, people are letting Facebook establish their personal limits and artistic work? Purposely covering up bodies on nudest young boys dance in the nude to Facebook’s foolish nudity rules?? This makes me VERY SAD. Appeasing the Facebook censors shouldn’t be the justification for such self-censorship!
People want their endeavors to be seen by the largest number of eyeballs, and as we know, not everybody is okay with nudity. Surely not Facebook and other social networks and definitely NOT the mainstream media (if they chance to discuss your job). But here’s the thing that irks me most. Using the media’s standards as a baseline for a body-image job means promoting the very thing they are presumably trying to contest: body shame, disgust and anxiety of human bodies. We have these body image problems to begin with because of how the media operates and because of uncontrolled censorship of non-sexual nudity.
So, for me, it just doesn’t make any sense to censor bodies in this circumstance. It’s like making an educational mp4 about how breastfeeding is normal and natural, but blurring out the nipples. Censored bodies sends the message the body is black, inappropriate, wrong, obscene, immoral and must be hidden in the light of day all the time.
Of course there’s a straightforward means to see genitals and taboo parts: porn. Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake featured uncensored topless girls in their own music videos a year ago. Yet, in the context of news, women’s well-being or body image, women’s breasts are consistently censored.
Online, one can find all the bare images they want. Trouble is, they are able to also locate all the porn they want. Pornography and nudity usually are not mutually exclusive. I am able to tell you from experience that if you simply search online for nude folks, or any naked-associated imagery, you’re going to locate porn – and lots of it! Soft-core and hardcore porn which might be filled with lean, tan buxom women with perfect skin, posed for the male gaze.
Now let us talk about kids. It must be said (over and over again until society eventually gets it) that nonsexual nudity does not hurt kids. The easiest means to secure this point is that children have naked bodies also. You can find even studies that say it is valuable for children to grow up in a naturist environment. Now with the Internet, it’s not quite as easy as labeling a movie PG-13 to protect kids. The Internet makes everything available. So now kids as young as 11 years old, or perhaps younger, are viewing porn online. Most teenagers have seen online porn regardless of whether they thought to find it or not. So children are already seeing nudity. It’s merely the sexual, objectifying, unrealistic sort of nudity that’s most widely accessible.
If individuals desire to view typical nude bodies, they really need to know where to look. We need more healthy, realistic nudity out there for people to see. For me, both kids and adults alike would take advantage of it.

Natural Beauty – Naturist Girls vs Mother Nature

Guest Website By: Anon
Many people are blogging these days, so I decided to join the trend and offer you my thoughts on a topic that is dear to me: naturist girls. (I sign it as Anonymous because I don’t want to lose any of my naturist women buddies!)
Dear Naturist Women:
I wish you had leave nature alone.
Mother Nature is this incredible artist! Each human body is in equilibrium when it comes to size, shape and color. No two women’s bodies are exactly the same, but each is lovely and is just what it is supposed to be – when it’s left alone (!). Shift only one thing, and the whole doesn’t work.
It’s about the whole look being in balance. But look what occurs when a nude woman wears makeup: her face appears plastic, counterfeit, and the rest of her body appears washed out. It just looks wrong.
Cherished Made-up Nude Woman, please wash your face so your look will maintain equilibrium. You’ll look better that way.
Exactly the same applies to hair. Some tinting will happen, but please http://www.videonudist.com and palette.
A natural, nude elderly woman is beautiful, but she’s unbalanced if her hair attempts to look twenty five.
You’re Naturally Beautiful!
And, at any age, there is the question of general color balance: there’s the woman whose skin tone lets you know that she did not used to be the red-head she is now, and there’s the darker-skinned brunette.
It does not work. They’re unbalanced. They are less beautiful as they were meant to be.
Natural Naturist Women
About pubes: Pictures from naturist magazines of previous years reveal girls with pubic hair. More recent images reveal most of the women shaved, and the visual balance with the rest of the body is upset. OK – if you wear a bikini sometimes, it seems sensible to trim around it.
But please do not over-do it. Please leave enough to seem natural. Would you believe pubes are hideous? I do not, and I think Barbie is boring.
Now for jewelry and tattoos. (This is a biggie.) I have never seen a nude body part (or a whole naked woman) that appeared better because of a piece of jewelry or a tat. I understand the allure of body decoration. It can be interesting. The piece of jewelry or the tattoo can be unusual and intriguing. It can be pretty. It can qualify you as an associate of a bunch. I get all that.
Pubic Hair Picture In The Naked to Bush Inter view

You may want to make sure that you seem different from everyone else, but you needn’t do anything for that – you’re beautifully different anyhow.
Body Positive Pubic Hair Naturial Beauty Artwork
You might need the decoration to draw focus from an alternate body part which you don’t enjoy, but that only reduces the whole delightful you.
I might believe, Oh, she’s gotten a nipple ring (or a tattoo, or jewelry, anywhere); but I wouldn’t think, Gee, that nipple ring actually makes her look fantastic!. It does not. As parts of all of your body, your nipples really are nicer just as they are.
This treatise lacks gender balance (duh), so please understand that I simply don’t care what men look like. These are merely one naturist guy’s opinions.
September 2012